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True Mates: Wolf Girl Series Book One – Leia Stone

Leia Stone released Wolf Girl in December 2020 and is the first book in the series. This is a best seller in the teen & young adult category. From social media, her followers love this series as well.

I understand why this series is beloved by her followers. I could not put the down series and devoured it in a few days. Leia takes you on Demi’s journey of finding out who she is meant to be. The family was exiled from the pack in Wolf City before she was born. Resulting in their wolves being magically locked away. Her life turns upside down when Sawyer visits the college. He leverages his position as the Alpha’s son to have Demi’s banishment lifted and invites her to Wolf City. The catch is she must agree to attend the selection activities that will determine Sawyer’s mate.

This background gives an interesting dynamic to the story. Demi is not the type to enjoy public or upscale events. She refers to selection activities as the Werewolf Bachelor. She was raised knowing she is a werewolf shifter but was raised in the human world. She is forced to learn how to be a part of a pack. Discovers that she is actually unique, and learns that some would execute her if they discovered her secret. Through all this, she discovers Sawyer and her are true mates.

The story is a standard mate paranormal romance. I appreciated the mate bond grew organically and wasn’t a magnetic pull. Most instances demonstrated that Demi is emotionally mature, but lacks werewolf etiquette. Sawyer is all grown up and ready to lead, but never has met anyone like Demi.

Overall this series is Demi’s story. You experience her struggles, frustrations, and triumphs. I can visualize this series as a movie.

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