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True Mates Trilogy - A Shade of Dragon Bella Forrest

A Shade of Dragon is written by best-selling author Bella Forest. Bella Forrest writes fantasy and dystopian-style novels. This book is in the same realm as the Shade of Vampire series that consists of 90+ book series broken into segments.

A Shade of Dragon is mainly narrated from Nell's perspective, and toward it is narrated by Theon. Theon is a dragon shifter from The Heatherlands and came to an alternative dimension to seek his queen. He saves Nell from a near-death accident. This story is a true mate series that slowly develops throughout the books with war and elements attempting to mislead Theon.

Nell is originally depicted as pessimistic with a relationship complex. Nell believes that all relationships are doomed because her parents divorced when she was young. Theon helps her overcome her insecurities. After some thought and advice, Nell decides to give him a chance due to her feelings and Theon’s actions.

Just as Theon and Nell commit to the relationship conflict begins. When Theon took Nell to his home country, the Hearthlands, he discovers his kingdom has been overrun by the enemy. His enemy was waiting for his return and kidnapped Nell. Theon found an Oracle to help him save Nell but the Oracle's warning and payment cause strife in their relationship. Oracle predicted that Nell is not his true mate, but Nell’s ex-best friend Michelle. In exchange for helping him find Nell, the Oracle insisted that Theon brings Michelle along to prove the Oracle’s prediction as false or true.

This trilogy is complete and can be read quickly. I consider this PG 13 because this no intimate scenes and the expression of love is innocent and withheld. Some of the advice Nell receives can be used as life lessons. The first book lays the groundwork for the conflict, drama, and choices in the other books.

This trilogy is currently in my personal library. When I went to search for a link to this book on the internet, I discovered that it is not currently available on Amazon. However, you can find the book on Bella’s website:

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