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Shadow World: Vampire Debt by Ali Winters

Ali Winters writes fantasy novels that contain paranormal romance, magic, and adventure. She is known to break down characters and tells the story through the character's strengths as they develop. Her stories may be influenced by fairy tales, her passions, and their interests.

The Vampire Debt is part of the complete Shadow World series. It is influenced by Beauty and the Beast, Pride and Prejudice, and dark villain themes. The male main character, Alaric, has a dark past and lives in a violent political intrigue. Alaric is a vampire and, in this world, humans are little more than livestock. He claims Clara, the female main character, for her crime against him by purchasing her from her father. Alaric true intent is to make Clara pay for her crime slowly and painfully. Having an eye for an eye mentality. While tells the Vampire community that he has finally claimed a human and not acknowledging that his sister is missing just to prevent vampire law from seeking justice against her. To his surprise, she does not fear him and fights his claim at every turn. This daily interaction changes them both. Slowly transitioning their relationship from enemies to lovers. Each of them has character builds that arc over the series.

Ali has the ability to write character developments realistically. It was refreshing to see the logical progression of their relationship. There are times when you may become frustrated with Clara’s and Alaric’s shortcomings. Over time both characters figure it out resulting in them growing physically and emotionally. Most of the story is focused on building the character's personal growth and not the environment. You will get a sense of the quality, poverty, struggle, and dangers but you will be able to fill in the blanks with your imagination.

The first book has a couple of sexual encounters but they are not full blown or disruptive. There are a couple chapters in the rest of the stories that have more detail, but it is from a viewpoint of a marriage or committed relationship. Based on other paranormal romances this does not have spicy scenes.

I recommend it to a mature audience that likes fairy tale retelling, slow-burn romances, and vampires. There is violence in this series and it increases in the other books. The arch-villain is old-fashioned and cruel. I don’t think the details are over the top, however, you could be triggered. Clara is in danger from several different people. Vampires treat her as a plaything and slave. There is a servant that is jealous of their relationship. Clara survives several near-death situations.


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