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PNR/UF Book Review: The Last Dragon by Leia Stone – Must add to your TBR

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Leia Stone has hit the mark yet again! Leia Stone is a USA Today bestselling author and has written several series. The Last Dragon was released in September 2022 and it is the first book in the King of Avalier series. It was on Amazon Kindle's top 30 best-selling list for a reason.

The last dragon starts with us in the mind of the main character - Arwen. Leia creates a world from Arwen's eyes and viewpoint. Personally, I got Hunger Games vibes from the world she created. Different towns support Jade City – the capital. Arwen’s town is a coal mining community and is not noticed by the capital majority of the time. As Arwen is walking through the town you really get a sense of what community is like emotionally, physically, and politically.

Leia introduces Arwen as a hunter and a supporter of the family. With the introduction of the character and story, my mind assumed the main character was male. I just did not think a female could carry a large animal over miles on one shoulder, or be okay with smelling from days being outside with dead carcass secretions. I love that Leia challenged gender stereotypes. It underhandedly reminds everyone that anyone can do what they want regardless of gender.

It was refreshing to have a story that wasn’t a typical alpha storyline. In the majority of the alpha male PNR/UR stories, there isn’t much choice and the couple falls for each other like two puzzle pieces. Arwen resisted the pull to the Dragon King by focusing on herself and her family. She pursued her dreams and didn’t conform to the expectation of society. There were moments when Arwen could have given up everything or chosen her own wants and she still declined. Arwen was focused on doing the right thing regardless of what it did to her.

When the Dragon King and Arwen got through their conflicts and agreed to stop resisting, Arwen still choose the needs of others over herself. I became conflicted when Dragon King came back to Arwen stating that he only wanted her and did not care about the consequences. On one hand, it was incredibly sweet that he is honoring Arwen, but on the other hand, he is making a risky decision. If I was in his shoes, I do not know what I would have chosen. Honestly, if I was in Arwen's shoes, I would have made the same decision.

Throughout the story, you can see what the other book in the King of Avalier series will be about. I’m expecting each book will be regarding a different King in Avalier. I love that the main conflict will be consistent throughout each book. Linking each story together and keeping the reader wondering how the war will end.

I highly recommend this book. It is not a typical story about a destined couple. Arwen is relatable and you will find yourself cheering her on. I found myself empathizing with the Dragon King and wanting to knock some sense into him. It does not surprise me that this was on the top seller list for a month.

You can find The Last Dragon King on Amazon.

The second book - The Broken Elf King will be available on Amazon Kindle on November 26, 2022, and paperback on November 17 according to Amazon marketplace.

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