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Mysterious Occult @ Ninth House

Ninth House is an occult fantasy novel written by New York best-selling author Leigh Bardugo. Leigh constructs each scene slowly and presented in a mystery format that results in a complex characters and plot. The story is written in a third-person point of view, and it will grab your attention. You may get a copy from your local library, audible, kindle, or paperback.

Alex was selected to join the Ninth House due to her ability to see Greys (Ghosts). Part of the offer was a full scholarship to Yale college so she could assist the house secretly. The mental and emotional baggage Alex has plagued her every day. She suffers from some mental abuse, judgment, and trauma. She gets the offer after surviving an unsolved multiple homicide, however, this is not her only incident. Alex childhood years were plagued with Greys. Alex was considered odd, crazy, and a troubled child., Alex turned to drugs to cope with her issues after an incident with a Grey and not getting help from others. Yale gives her a fresh start and the Ninth House community understands the ‘uncanny’, magic, and the Vale. To her dismay, she realizes that the Ninth House doesn’t believe in everything, and her experiences with the Greys are dismissed as impossible. This sets the complex stages for this story. Alex is forced to take matters into her own hands and figure out the mysteries unfolding between the houses and who to attempting to raise the dead.

I recommend this to anyone who loves magic, the uncanny, ghosts, the occult, and mystery. Each chapter builds on itself, giving you a glimpse into multiple scenes. One chapter may be a flashback of an event Alex went through, and the next chapter will be about Alex at Yale. I did not get the sense that the chapters went in sequence but they did progress the story forward. For example, Alex mentioned a male character was missing, but in the following chapter, the missing male was narrating from last fall. This switch in the topic was jarring for me. It left me asking questions and spiking my curiosity. I had to remember the details provided for later chapters.

There are potential triggers. There is a reference to rape, descriptions of gore and surgeries, and murder.

Personally, I was not able to finish this book before this posting because I chose to listen to it via audible. The voice actors are wonderful. Since this is written in the third person it was very hard to figure out who was talking and who the information belonged too. I plan to get the written version and attempt to read this book again.

Next book in the series: Hell Bent: Portale per l’inferno


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