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Fated Mate Romance Mystery - Alpha Fated Encounter

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

ALPHA FATED ENCOUNTER by ROXIE RAY (Book 1 of 3: Fated To Royalty)

The Alpha Fated Encounter is a slow burn that contains mystery, opposite attraction, and a fated mate trope. Maddie was adopted when she was a baby, and she took a DNA test with her best friend and that test turned her life upside down. Nico saves Maddie's life after finding her severally injured at her bar. This is an instant connection and attraction between Nico and Maddie but both know that it never can be since she is human and Nico’s a shifter. Despite their differences, Nico protects and helps Maddie figure out why she is being targeted.

This story has multiple storylines that coincide with each other. Storylines are determining who her biological parents are or were, figuring out why Nico’s wolf is telling him that Maddie is his fated mate even though she is human, who attempted to kill Maddie, the motive of their enemies, and the changes occurring with Maddie. By the end of the first book you will have answers to all of these, but no conclusion on how it works.

The romance starts slowly and builds organically. There are a handful of spicy scenes that are detailed but not overwritten. It follows the classic fated mate trope of instant connection to their partner with instincts that drive behavior and emotional confusion. Nico resists his instincts for the majority of the book, but continues to explore his feeling. Maddie admits she has attracted him and her actions are similar to how a human would see a person of romantic interest.

There are possible triggers in this book. Graphic scenes that describe shooting, death, mass murder (including young children), kidnapping, and abandonment. Some of the chapters I was unable to read and just skipped ahead due to the emotional triggers that stirred up.

I would recommend this book to anyone werewolf shifters, spicy fated mates, and mysteries. There are moments of comedy and these do help break up the sinister side of the story. The motivation to continue reading is due to the mild cliffhanger. You are left with information and some answers but no action plan or results.

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Jess B
Jess B
Mar 16, 2023

What are your thoughts, will you add this to your To Be Read list?

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