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Bite Me - Vampire Fated Mate & Conspiracy (Bitten Series by CC Wood)

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

A classic vampire paranormal romance novel. CC Wood wrote a wonderful five-book series that takes place in a supernatural society that lives amongst humans. Each book in the series focuses on a different couple within the same society. Bite Me is the first book and focuses on Conner and Donna’s relationship. The secondary plot line is about the upheaval and conspiracy in vampire society.

Donna is at a low in her life and is forced to change her lifestyle and become a waitress to make ends meet. An altercation occurs after hours while Donna is locking up the bar and Conner comes to her rescue. During this moment Conner realizes that Donna is not like the other humans and becomes interested in Donna. A suitress of Conner becomes jealous of Donna and wanted Conner for herself. Due to Conner’s significance in Vampire society and the begrudged lady, Donna has found her life in danger. Conner is compelled to protect Donna at all costs.

This story has a little mystery, suggestive and detailed romance, and violence, and is a story about fated mates. Someone could be triggered by a couple of scenes that include violence. There is a male character that wants to harm Donna via torture and rape. There is no actual rape occurring in this book, just a reference to it as a planned and desired activity. The romance is medium-level. There are chapters about sex, but it is more of an explanation of their relationship instead of X rated scene. Conner’s need to get to know and protect Donna is based on a typical fated mate storyline. The mystery aspect of the storyline revolves around how and when will their enemies may strike.

The other books in the series are from the prescriptive of Donna’s friends finding their fate mates. The storyline about supernatural society upheaval and conspiracy is further explained in the other books, and it is a consistent plot point driving the storyline of the character forward. In each book, you will get to hear from Donna and learn what happens in her life after Bite Me. You will also get to know more about Donna’s crazy friends in each book.

I recommend this book to anyone that likes the romantic fated mate trope. The reader may find that they are unable to put the book down or a “page turner”. There are moments when you will get emotionally involved in the book. Personally, I found myself giggling and thinking, “Donna, you should not have done that.” The most violent scene made me uncomfortable and had me hoping that Conner would make it in time to save Donna.

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